Giving Santa a Helping Hand

Santa Claus has a host of friends who help him each Christmas. This year, along with The Elf on the Shelf® and the Elf Pets®, comes a new set of heroes who must actively inspire kids and not just watch from afar!

When Santa Claus gets word that people are going against the true spirit of Christmas, he recruits some extra help to actively raise Christmas cheer. Some very special elves, who have been living in the arctic forest all along, team up with Santa to help spread kindness. Introducing Elf Mates!

Elf Mates are adoptable elves who partner with children to give Santa Claus a helping hand by bringing back the true spirit of Christmas. Armed with a magical golden heart and a special mission from St. Nick, each Elf Mate proves they are Santa’s truest pals by reminding us all why it is better to give than to receive.

Encourage kindness and whimsy this Christmas season with the Elf Mates Cobbler, Chef, and Toy Maker by your side. Pick up a copy of The Story of Elf Mates, sold separately, and be reminded why it’s always cool to be kind, especially at Christmastime!

Each huggable, lovable mate comes with a poem that explains how they inspire kindness, in the hopes that kids will be inspired, too!

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Meet the Elf Mates Characters

The Story of Elf Mates | North Pole Story Time

Follow along with this reading of The Story of Elf Mates to learn how these warm-hearted helpers inspire kindness! Pick up your own copy of the book this Christmas season, available exclusively at Dollar General (call ahead to confirm availability).

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