Meet the Toy Maker

“Since I’m handy and playful, I use whimsy and charm
to bring fun at Christmas and never do harm.
I’ll remind all the good little girls and boys
to give something away when they get a new toy.”

– Toy Maker

What could be sprightlier than an elf who makes toys? Maybe one who gives them away! The Elf Mates Toy Maker is the court jester of the North Pole and a clever, crafty inventor. After all, their job is to play all day! But behind all their fun-loving antics is a lighthearted passion for the power of play to do good in the world. They are dedicated to helping others first, which in turns helps Santa Claus. This Elf Mate’s message is that Christmas is not just about receiving, it is about giving! The Elf Mates Toy Maker encourages you to make a toy or gift for someone less fortunate, or perhaps to donate unused toys to a charity where they can bring a smile to another child. The Elf Mates Toy Maker inspires you and those you love to share a little more laughter and fun this Christmas, and to never keep the gift of play all to yourself!

Elf Mates in Action

Before attemping any of these activities with your Elf Mates, be sure to read these safety warnings. Santa wants to make sure everyone stays safe!

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